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There’s this wonderful girl that I’ve met in a stupid class that I didn’t learn shit from. She was shorter than me, had this really strained laugh and an attitude that could rival mine. I thought it wouldve been fun to tease her from time to time, and I did. Of course, I didnt think much of her as that person I sat next to who I gave high fives to.

Times were different then, I was happy, I dont know if she was. But things do end up horrible sometimes, and happiness is a bitch. It leaves, either on your own volition and sometimes, you end up stepping on others. Things were bleak and grey. 

Then she showed up, somehow being dropped into my life so suddenly. I got closer to her, supporting and being there, whether I needed an emotional slap across the face, or just a hug or a laugh, and ended up growing fond of that strained laugh. I grew fonder of those high fives, and even though I hated hugging people, I liked it when she did. 

Time was changing. Feelings did too. As I started to want to see her more often, this unshakable feeling started to sink in. I didnt just like those high fives for a reason.

I wanted to hold those soft hands and tie them with mine, and hold her and caress her. I wanted her to be happy, and I wanted her to be happy with me.

And look at me now, still cocky and abrasive. Im happy however. Im happy that I get to hold your hand and feel it caress my face. Im happy that you tell me Im yours, because I wouldnt be anywhere else but here.

Happy half-a-versary you wonderful girl, you.



i fuckin love it when drummers have nothing to do while their band plays acoustic songs so they just sit in the back aggressively shaking a tambourine


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